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[Post New]by Weatherup on May 16, 17 3:53 PM
I have complained and cried like a baby about New Orleans. It is much more difficult than previous Cities.

To all newbies to NO: Get used to it. That's what I did. I'm all the way through level 79. Sometimes I burn up all three lives in a couple of minutes, several times. It's like a slot machine. You have to get lucky and you have to use boosts sometimes. If you need coins go back to Sydney and rake 'em in. Be patient.

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Re:New Orleans - Level Help

[Post New]by lawaters on May 18, 17 6:35 PM
I posted this elsewhere on this forum and bowiecowgirl suggested I should post it here for those currently struggling in NO.

I wanted to see what it would take to conquer NO - complete Intern, Architect and Master for all levels including the HH side trips.

This was using the basic 3 lives. No real money spent. I've been playing GD since late 2014.

Here's the report of the cost of conquering NO:

- It took 5 months to do and I'm pretty good at GD. (On my other unlinked device during this same period I made it through 5 cities - completing every level - and have almost 41,000 coins and a bunch of boosts earned.) I play on breaks during the day and for an hour or two at night.

- It cost all of the coins won on every level in NO to buy resources and boosts after multiple attempts to win without boosts. That's 183 levels at 100 coins per level = 18,300.

- It also cost all coins received as a reward for meeting challenges. There's at least one section where the reward for collecting items was 1000 coins.

- I started NO with over 18,000 coins. I ended with 14,466 for a cost of about 4,000 coins.

- It cost all coins earned from selling resources every day for five months. Estimating 166 days at an average of 60 coins (because the actual amount varies) = 9,960.

- Approximate cost in coins to conquer NO = 33,260.

CONCLUSION: Learn from my insanity. Do the minimum you must to leave this city behind. Subsequent cities have some nearly impossible levels, but they are passable and if you are patient they won't cost you every coin you earn.

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Re:New Orleans - Level Help

[Post New]by marie1931 on May 19, 17 2:24 AM
Impressive Lawaters !
The only city I completed so far is Tokyo. I'm currently in NO and your post is very helpful. Shipping pink resources from the other cities is the only thing I can do in order not to spend coins( have only 8895 coins for the moment).
So, I'm going to follow your advice and do the minimum in order to get out this city as soon as possible .

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