Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

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Re:Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

[Post New]by Phayta on Aug 13, 16 10:48 PM
I know this is the Friend Wishlist Thank you thread, but I'm also going to "unload" my gratitude for other things as well:

1.) Thank you Midnight Castle friends both present and past who have given me anything, because as far as I'm concerned you are under no obligation to give gifts.
2.) Thank you Midnight Castle Forum regulars/experts who have answered my newbie questions with understanding and patience, given me valuable tips and tricks, or just validated my frustration with this game at times.
3.) Thank you Duncan_14all for starting this thread (it's just too easy to forget to be thankful)
4.) And thank you to everyone who keeps this thread from the deepest pages of the forum, you're doing exactly as the creator of this thread intended and it makes me smile.

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Re:Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

[Post New]by MariteB on Oct 21, 16 7:43 AM
Hello all soon to be friends. My game was put back to zero with the Halloween update...and was returned to my real level of 74 ....but my friends totally disappeared!

So I am looking for new and old friends who play on PC.

Marite 620611

I will gift generously if I have the items you need..


Re:Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

[Post New]by lanky46musician on Oct 21, 16 1:03 PM
Thank you to all of the friends who have sent me an invite when you got a new ID# because of the glitch.

Thank you to all of the friends who have posted their old and new ID#s along with their game names in the forum.

Thank you to all of the friends who put something on your avatar to let us know it is the right ID# to gift you with.

Thank you to all of the friends who didn't loose their games and gift me so I know the old number is still good.

I don't have my list completely updated, but I'm getting closer each day.

Happy gaming and gifting,

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Re:Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

[Post New]by Alex_Gordon on Dec 25, 16 2:28 AM
On this day, I want to revive the good old tradition and express my deepest gratitude to the most precious people in MC universe - to my dear friends.

Thank you for being there through ups and downs and for your unexpected surprises and gifts that never stop to amaze me.

Each of you is special, each of you is unique; may your Christmas be also as special and unique as you are.

Merry Christmas!

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Re:Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

[Post New]by 50MAD on Dec 25, 16 3:55 AM
Thank you Alex Merry Christmas to you too and a wonderful new year


Re:Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

[Post New]by Duncan_14all on Dec 31, 16 12:33 PM
Three years ago, December 31 2013, I downloaded this game and started playing, not knowing that, three years later I still would play the game. I reached level 73 a few days ago. So, talking about a marathon, words I used almost three years ago, I knew, when this game, in this pace, would last, it could take some years to play the game. And the finish is not in sight. No, the marathon is getting longer and longer. I don't mind.

When I look back (some people say: never look back, it will bring you nothing more than headache), I think of the old days, "we" started and were part of a game we would never have imaginged it would grow and grow to the game it is now. Still beautiful to see and wondering how they can make it (Elephant games, thanks for your world of phantasy!) and its like a trip through a strange world with a story I don't understand, but I'm aware of being part of a viral world next to the real world. It is an escape. Sometimes I feel like Alice in Wonderland ...

I would like to thank Big Fish Games for the opportunity to play this game, Elephant Games for making this world real. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Most of all I would like to thank my Friends in the game, all friends I had before and all players I will have in the future. Thumbs up for the great contributions and fun in the threads on the BFG forum.

I wish everybody, wherever you are, a healthy 2017.

Greetings from The Netherlands,


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Re:Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

[Post New]by Skdu on Dec 31, 16 1:58 PM
Thank you! thank you! thank you! to all my friends... your gifts are greatly appreciated!

And thanks to all of the helpful posters who give free information and advice on this forum.....

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Re:Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

[Post New]by 12earth45 on Dec 31, 16 2:01 PM
Thank you to all my wonderful friends, gifts for monthly challenges. Been busy with family visits and working. Took wish list down for a couple of days. Still gifting trees.
Wishing all a wonderful New Year!


Re:Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

[Post New]by Elsaemerald on Dec 31, 16 2:42 PM
I want to send out a heart felt thanks to all my friends and To all my cohorts on this forum. You truly make this game enchanting.


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Re:Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

[Post New]by AnnaDownes01 on Dec 31, 16 9:47 PM
Duncan, my friend, I am glad to see you are still playing. Have a great New Year, and I hope to see you in the forum more often.


Trixie (sending you a pm)

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Re:Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

[Post New]by cloudlady on May 13, 17 5:21 AM
Since there really isn't enough space in the game to properly express my thoughts, I will do it here and hope my friends read this: A huge, great, big THANK YOU to all of you!
Yesterday I won my first ever third level avatar in a CC , and it was only thanks to your generosity - I was literally showered with Irises!
I am so lucky to have the most amazing bunch of friends (about 80 active at the moment, including SE), some of whom have been gifting me repeatedly or even daily even though I am slow to reciprocate for lack of playtime. Still a working girl , so at most manage to gift 5 a day during the week, and weekends are sometimes hit-or-miss too. But I am addicted to this game and truly enjoy its social aspect, such a vibrant community!
I feel terrible about my gifting backlog ... please, please be patient with me, I am doing my best to send out gifts as quickly as possible

Bear hugs to all of you and keep having fun in the castle!


Re:Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

[Post New]by Crysztaloak on May 14, 17 12:04 AM
You can actually gift 15 per day 5 in the am- 5 in afternoon and 5 at night.
Hope this helps.

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Re:Friend Wishlist thread Thank you

[Post New]by july1277 on May 14, 17 3:05 PM
I have only been playing a week and just love this game and all my friends. This game makes my day go by faster.

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