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[Post New]by Vstromval on Jan 16, 17 4:01 AM
Hi Datsalotta

My name always has Val at the beginning, but often a message after it, like Thank you, TY all, happy 2017, xxxx swap etc. You answered my request anyway, and I sent you a gift. I can't access your room however, the message says to the effect that you have a newer update than me. I can't find anything in the Apps Store for an update though. You may have to wait until next Christmas for a gift under your tree!

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Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by Ferg_Frk on Jan 16, 17 9:31 AM
Hi there!

2nd iOS game, friend code i2401468

New friends welcome!

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Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by datsalotta on Jan 16, 17 8:54 PM
Hey Vstromval!
I thought maybe my friend Val is you - putting 2 & 2 together.

Yes I have no private room yet, but soon I hope. There's a big lock on the room icon, so not available at level 12??? Oh yeah at level 12 already!! and over a hundred diamonds to my game YAY!

Getting the hang of the ipad. You know, the tap tap thing. The taps didn't always work. I think I was trying too hard. Better now.

Have a great day at the Castle!


Can I ask? - Please no more new friends at this moment. Have so little inventory to gift back and there has been an overwhelming response from my request for friends. Thank you all


PLEASE add me!

[Post New]by mjsreader on Jan 16, 17 9:25 PM
I'm totally hooked and play/gift daily.


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[Post New]by zeetah on Jan 17, 17 5:04 AM
Add me!



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[Post New]by Marsbars19335 on Jan 19, 17 5:15 PM
Add me.



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[Post New]by kaye_michelle on Jan 19, 17 5:54 PM

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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[Post New]by Moi_ on Jan 30, 17 7:34 AM

My first time writing here, have been lurking and learning for a while.
Great information I got from the 'old hands'.

Now I have picked up the iPad game again, I am looking for friends.

I intend to play and gift every day, as much as I can.

My ID is i314240

Hope to see you soon.

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[Post New]by AuntieRoo on Jan 30, 17 12:31 PM
To vstromval
I had the same problem when gifting a new friend & the tech people told me this is a problem they are aware of & working on.Sadly I had to delete the friend as every time I gifted I lost my progress


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[Post New]by LadyAnne1939609 on Feb 2, 17 12:09 AM
Add me! I've been out of the game for a bit and a lot of my friends are MIA. I1939609


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[Post New]by Cthulhu2 on Feb 2, 17 3:38 PM
Level 29. I will send all the gifts I can every day


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[Post New]by Ariadne425 on Feb 11, 17 8:06 PM
Hi there, my code is i2348638 if you would like to exchange items!



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[Post New]by zoomer1984 on Feb 12, 17 8:55 AM
Hey, new to the forum! Looking for some friends . My ID is i2382920


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[Post New]by Lostghost91 on Feb 12, 17 12:37 PM
Hi everyone,
My game name as in the forum. Looking for a friends. Everyone welcome.


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[Post New]by Darlinlm on Feb 12, 17 2:59 PM
My code is I2095982
Level 74 Yoda


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[Post New]by Kartha on Feb 12, 17 4:00 PM
Add me i2299008


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[Post New]by zoomer1984 on Feb 13, 17 11:22 AM
Thanks for the adds guys! I've been playing alone for a while lol. I desperately need some unique stamps, if anyone can spare

Here's my info again. : i2382920


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[Post New]by Heather_71782 on Feb 13, 17 10:56 PM
Feel free to add me i2401756. Thanks, Heather_71782


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[Post New]by sorchalyn on Feb 22, 17 12:08 PM
Add me


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[Post New]by Sparkette65 on Feb 24, 17 11:19 AM
Need friends invited a few from this board. id is i2194870
Thanks in advance SparKette

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