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It seems the compass needs some repair, and the parts are rare. Once it’s repaired, your Uncle will give the compass to Anabel. Then he surprises you…”I’m leaving the castle to find a cozy home for my family. Could you help me with the travel arrangements? Hope you’ll manage to bring back Jeronimo. I’m setting off now.” ***Uncle Vesnik and his family disappear from the Mystery Chamber***

Anabel is excited to have the compass and sets off to find another rune. “So, the compass points at the Forbidden Tower. It’s been here in the castle the whole time!” Yea…another rune has been found!

Detective Norman Hayes agrees to do some checking around for the magic runes. However, money talks and “The search for runes is going to cost you.” The detective must prepare thoroughly for his search. “To crack this case, I’ll have to comb the castle. Let’s not forget about food. My stomach is my sidekick!” And don’t forget, “Informers will need to be paid. That’s how it is.” A couple of lucky amulets could come in handy and taking care of the travel pass stamps would save time and energy. The detective’s motto, “Let’s say I hope for the best, but expect the worst. That’s the best way.” ***Detective Norman Hayes disappears from the Craftsman District***


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LEVEL 60 cont.

Arabella is pleased you found another rune, but she’s in the middle of an experiment. “I’m going to make a sharp-eye potion. This will open up the universe’s secrets to me!” The key ingredient in the potion is the North Wind, which you find for the witch, and the potion is finished. “In time, I’ll tell you the secret of the universe – and the magical runes.” But it appears the universe is taking its own sweet time, so Arabella offers information from a dream. “I saw – gloomy dungeons. I think you need to seek out the Cloud City Prison and the Underground Treasury. The dream was so long! I feel like I know more. I found myself in a place like the Rune Garden, where I ended up after the Cloud Pier. The universe is sending us an enigma wrapped in a mystery, isn’t it?”

The Iron Knight, in the Castle Entry, believes Jeronimo is somewhere in the castle and he’s determined to find him. Full of perseverance (after all, he is your knight in shining armor), the Knight starts off in a remote part of the train station. Jeronimo’s not there, but there is another train station that needs to be searched. “I found a piece of Jeronimo’s sword in one of the train tunnels! I think the tunnel will lead me to Jeronimo.” Eventually, “Looks like I’ve come to the end of the line. I have to clear the way! If I can get this cleared, I can finally move forward.” Can it just be a coincidence that this station is where Jeronimo was before the battle with the Elemental of the Abyss?” The Knight didn’t find Jeronimo, but he did find a weird machine (Trade Machine in Metro Station)…and another magic rune is yours!


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Detective Norman Hayes admits this case turned out to be much more complicated. “Those magic runes are a deep, dark secret.” He found someone who knows about the runes, but he’s not cheap. “Gum shoe work is as boring as scraping gum from a shoe.” The informer mentioned a few places where he remembered seeing magic runes, but the information was too vague to be of any use. “Finally, there’s a clue! Everything points towards the gnome dungeon.” The informer mentioned an old chest in the gnome mines. “I found a secret door in one of the tunnels. I just need to find the key.” Lucky for the detective, he bumped right into the chest! And another magic rune is yours.

Arabella congratulates you on the progress made so far collecting the magic runes, but insists you need to know more about the scroll itself. “The most important part of the rune scroll is the seal. Without a seal, it’s just a rolled up bit of paper. The scroll will become powerful if we make the Summoner’s Seal.” You must help the Witch find the main component of the seal, and don’t forget she’s a witch “with an anger management problem.” Apparently, only Valeria knows anything about this main component.

Valeria will do absolutely anything for Jeronimo. The main component you seek, the force essence, brought Valeria back to the world of the living. “I’m sure it can save Jeronimo, too.” Arabella was right to send you to Valeria, for only Valeria knows where the force essence is. “I can’t go with you. I can only point at the place where the force essence is.” The force essence is in the Rune Chest.


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LEVEL 61 cont.

Now Arabella has all the components for the seal, but still demands a few more items. “Don’t delay! When I get angry, I really lose it! Ask my ex-husband, the knight.” Now it’s time to get down to work and make the Summoner’s Seal.

At first it seems as if the Rune Scroll doesn’t work, but lo and behold!, Jeronimo appears in the tavern, an old man once again. The Mystery Chamber is active again, but something is amiss.

Jeronimo, back in his tavern, says “I’m back and better than ever! But I should see how my tavern fared. I have a weird feeling that something awful happened.” ***Everyone has disappeared from the castle***

Jeronimo is grateful to everyone who helped, “but mostly, I want to thank Anabel. Anabel has been wonderful to me!” “Where is Anabel? Valeria is gone, too? Where is everybody? What’s happening? All the castle residents disappeared. Maybe the Keeper of the Castle can help.”

The Keeper of the Castle doesn’t seem concerned, “Oh that Anabel. Off to the Dark Tower, that little imp!” ***Anabel is lying on the ground at the Dark Tower Gates*** “Now we need to bring Anabel back to life! Good thing she’s just mostly dead.”


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LEVEL 61 cont.

Professor Pinfeathers says “Jeronimo’s alive! But there’s no one in the castle, and that scares me! There’s something wrong with Anabel – but living water can bring even the dead to life.”

Jeronimo doesn’t know where to begin. Yes, he’s heard of living water, but he has no idea where to find it or how to create it. The ingredients for living water could be anywhere. Time is not on our side, “We better split up to look around.” Unsuccessful in your search, Jeronimo noticed “The Chamberlain’s statue appeared in the Throne Hall. Maybe there’s a stash in it.” Success…you’ve found one component for making living water, the drop of force, now to find the rest! Uh oh, there’s been an unexpected turn of events. “The Chamberlain came back to life!”

The Chamberlain’s mind is a little muddled at the moment and it’s not quite clear what happened. “Now what happened in the castle in my absence? I guess it all happened because of the Mystery Chamber.” You give him all the information you have. “Now I’m sure my return is connected to the Mystery Chamber. I wish I knew what happened to Anabel. I don’t have a clue.” From the Chamberlain’s perspective, “Someone influenced the Chamber. But whom? The Mystery Chamber seems to be under someone’s control.”


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LEVEL 61 cont.

Jeronimo knows you have to find out who controls the Mystery Chamber, but making the living water must take precedence. “We don’t have time to search the whole castle. We need a hint.” The last hope, “We need someone who knows the castle inside and out.”

The Keeper of the Castle needs you to tell him the whole story, starting from the beginning. “Making living water is not a simple task. I’ll help, but it won’t be easy.” The life drop, a component of living water, can't be found. It must be created. And you need a formula for that. After finding the formula, the Keeper manages to make the last ingredient and the life drop is yours.


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Skull Pete is amused you’re asking “a soulless pirate” for a drop of soul. Of course, he’s heard of the soul drop, it’s his life blood. But even a pirate can have deadly fears. “If I give you the soul drop, I’m afraid I’ll become a skeleton again. I have to think on this. It’s not an easy decision. Pete heard there’s a magic artifact to replace the soul drop in one of the pirate stashes. “Have you seen it?” After consulting a treasury map and finding the stash with the artifact, you proceed with an even exchange. “I’ll give you the soul drop in return for the artifact.” Pete gives you the soul drop.

***All three drops fill the living water which travels to the Dark Tower Gates and revives Anabel***

Anabel doesn’t have time to explain, but the key to the gates could be anywhere! “The only thing I know is that everyone from the castle is locked inside the Tower. We need that key! Hurry back – my heart bleeds for the others!” Not everyone from the castle disappeared; maybe they can help now.


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LEVEL 62 cont.

As soon as Salty hears Anabel needs his help, he drops everything and wants to know what to do. “I've never heard of the Dark Tower, but if Anabel is sure she can get to the Dark Tower – we must help her.” Anabel might need something soothing, “Do you think Anabel is behaving a little strangely? I mean, for a vampire? She’s looking a little wild-eyed.” Salty understands that you’re looking for pieces of the key, not the whole thing at once. “I’ll be waiting for you in the tavern. I might even be sober.” After providing a description of what you’re searching for, Salty remembers a piece may be in the gnome district. Sure enough, a piece of the key is found and Salty hurries to tell Anabel about the discovery.

Lord Chamberlain isn’t surprised that you want to get to the Dark Tower. A little suspicious, he says “Only Anabel managed to escape the Dark Tower. Don’t you wonder about that? I think someone is trying to lure you to the Dark Tower. Anabel is in the hands of a villain. I should know! I was once one myself!” The Chamberlain has a flash of echoes of the past, “I’m so hungry! Must be because I was a beast recently. I’m so looking forward to eating – err- seeing you again!” The Chamberlain guesses correctly about where one of the key’s missing pieces might be, and you go tell Anabel about your success.


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LEVEL 62 cont.

Anabel hopes to get into the Dark Tower quickly and knows she can’t do this alone. “I can’t remember how I got into the Dark Tower. Everything happened so quick!” Knowing that remembering is the only hope, Anabel has a suggestion. “I guess everything started when the rune scroll was used in the Mystery Chamber. I don’t think this is all a coincidence.” It must be personal. “Somebody wanted us to use the Mystery Chamber or the rune scroll. Only the Dark Tower will reveal all to us.” Suddenly, enlightenment…”I just remembered where one of the pieces must be!” You get a piece of the key, but Anabel says “I have a feeling someone told me where to look – but who? Please hurry! I feel like I’m going insane. I hear strange voices. I need to rest.”

The Keeper of the Castle knows you came to him for a reason so “Tell me what happened this time.” He will do anything for Anabel, and mention of the key to the Dark Tower stirs a memory. He’s sure he has the piece around somewhere “I usually don’t throw out anything”, but it’s all a blur. “How was I to know that I would need it?” A joyous moment when another part of the key is found.

Anabel knows that with every piece of the key found, more will be learned!


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Skull Pete says he needs help on an important case, “First, find a secret place for my treasures. Don’t try to pocket anything. You did your best! But I found a better place.” Maybe he can help with the key to the Dark Tower, but right now all he’s interested in is a bottle of rum. Pete remembers seeing something suspicious, “The stranger tried to hide something in a secret place.” Then, being typically Pete, he asks for money before telling you more. “I saw that man in the Residential District and in the Pond of Life. He’s hiding something.” When you press for more details, “I remember where the man looked! Maybe it will help.” Costly, but reliable information, results in finding the final piece of the key.

Professor Pinfeathers says “The Dark Tower is unlocked! We can save everyone locked inside.”

The Iron Knight, wrapped in chains, stands in Dark Tower Hall. “I thought I’d die in these! Please help me.” Weighed down by the steel shackles, “All I remember is a bright flash – and suddenly the chains were around me, like snakes!” There must be a key somewhere to release the Knight from his bonds. “I do remember a figure with a hood. Why would anyone want to kidnap me?” (Obviously suffering from a very short memory!) Someone obviously has evil intentions, but who? The Knight vows to think harder.


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LEVEL 63 cont.

Anabel is elated by the joyful news, “The Knight is safe! We just need to spring him.” The Knight is locked tight in his chains and the lock itself is a masterful work. “We need to find the craftsman who made this.” Anabel sees two choices, “continue looking for the key or make an identical one.” We’ll need some special materials to make our own key, but “A bite in time saves nine! Or one Knight.” Through a massive effort, and some honing, Anabel makes the key, but the lock proves to be a hard nut to crack. “I can’t seem to unchain the Knight. I feel like there’s a missing link somehow…” Maybe someone who knows a lot about chains could help.

Skull Pete says, “Help you? I need help myself!” He has a messy problem on his hands, gathering up his hidden treasures and finding a place to put everything. Pete needs to be reminded why he’s digging up old things, at first saying he has no secrets, then adding “Well, actually, I do.” He doesn’t know why you think he knows more than you, but maybe he has a few tricks. “Of course, I know some lock picking skills. I’m a pirate. I can try and work that lock. It can’t hurt to try.” Before getting down to business, Pete searches for some tools. Practice makes perfect, but “Whoops! I think I broke the lock.”

The Lord Chamberlain has been expecting you and has been thinking about the Knight’s predicament. He thinks you're barking up the wrong tree, “I think someone wants us to waste our precious time to arrange the Knight’s release. There isn’t a key, I’m sure of it! We need another solution.” The Chamberlain thinks it’s important to explore deeper into the Dark Tower. “I suspect we’ll find answers in the Dark Tower. Although I don’t know how we’ll get to the next floor.” However, there is strength in numbers. “We all need to focus on the Dark Tower. In many, we are one.”

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LEVEL 63 cont.

Jeronimo thinks the search must begin again for the key, "so where should we start?" “I don’t entirely trust the Chamberlain, although he did try to save Anabel.” He observes some odd behavior, “Everyone is acting strangely. I’m not sure why. Perhaps I’m too suspicious.” Getting down to business and “letting bygones be bygones”, Salty searches the gnome quarters. Perhaps a long forgotten package from the Jeweler’s Workshop could be of help? “It’s a pity we didn’t find it. It must have gotten into the Dark Tower, too.” Salty doesn’t even want to think about if nothing is found! “We’re facing a difficult task, my friend.” There has to be another solution, “We need more clues or we’re just wasting time.”

The Keeper of the Castle says “So the Knight’s release isn’t working?” He wants to examine all the evidence and “Perhaps we can put the memories together – that might tell us something!” He realizes a little information is better than nothing and feels strongly the solution is near. “To analyze the information, I’ll need some materials. I’m so close to the solution – I can taste it! If I could taste, that is.”


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The Keeper of the Castle and the Lord Chamberlain agree, “we need to search the Dark Tower.” Maybe the Knight can provide more details.

The Iron Knight’s distant memories start to resurface, “I remember now that the man in the hood hid something in the Checkmate Board.”

***The next primary quest object, the Eternal Call, comes from the Checkmate Board. It is a doorknocker to open the next floor of the Dark Tower. As usual, its parts are strewn around)

The Iron Knight knows this is just the beginning and the remaining parts of the Eternal Call must be somewhere. “Knowing what you need is half the battle.” So far, the search has yielded nothing. But the Knight implores you not to despair. “There’s an old proverb: If you want to hide something, put it in plain sight. Clearly our foe doesn’t know this proverb.” Perhaps a closer look at the Tower is in order. “Have fun storming the castle! I’ll be here waiting.” The Knight has exhausted his ideas and suggests asking others.

Keeper of the Castle feels progress has been made and the Dark Tower is the right destination. But right now he’s exhausted and wants to rest.


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LEVEL 64 cont.

Jeronimo needs your help with a personal matter…”There’s a free drink in it for you! Soda, of course.” The tavern needs some spiffing up and he doesn’t get nearly as many customers as he did before. This project could be “a ticket to success and should be great for everyone!” The tavern is beginning to look better and better. “Perhaps some rare, fresh flowers would dress up the old inn?” No? “It’s okay, flowers are too much work, really.” Here’s another thought. How about rare things? They “would make the tavern more interesting. What would I do without you?” Moving forward, “Now that my tavern is back on track, I can think about heroic things again.” He supposes it isn’t helpful to “be lifting a cold one in the tavern!” Salty knows where he can find interesting things and hopes you’ll share your find with him. “Perhaps we looked at the right time – but in the wrong place.” It’s no joy no longer being a boy…Jeronimo is “too old for this” and suggests you do it on your own. “What happens in the tavern, stays in the tavern. That’s where I’ll be!”

Anabel’s anguish is renewed, “I’m worried about the Knight! There must be a way to help him!” What will happen if they don’t find anything in the Tower? Will the Knight feel worse? The problems must be tackled one at a time. “First, we have to rescue the Knight – then we’ll worry about the Dark Tower. I can’t leave him like this!” There’s still a chance and Anabel believes “There’s no problem without a solution.” Sooner or later, you’re bound to find something and Anabel says “I have a hunch we’re close. I’ve made up a list of high priority places.” Sure enough, you find a missing piece of the Eternal Call.


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LEVEL 64 cont.

The Lord Chamberlain asks for help and admits, “Without you, I’d be lost.” He wants to make sure he guessed right about the Tower. “No one knows what we’ll find in the halls of the Dark Tower. I don’t want to fall into a clever trap.” So he makes a protective amulet that will protect everyone. He says he values your help, but isn’t a patient man and then promptly dismisses you.

Skull Pete is anxious to know if the Iron Knight has been released. “I wonder what happened to that lock. I’m sure the answer is in the Dark Tower.” He’s sure you’ll succeed one day, “but I can’t go to the Dark Tower with you. I have other plans.” Pete dreams of cruising on and finding the right spot…an island for his treasures. He agrees to help you look for pieces of the Eternal Call before he leaves. “I know where to find part of the Eternal Call. There are only two places where it could be.” Eureka! You found a piece to the Eternal Call. His departure time nearing, Pete asks for one last favor finding some important things. “I’m leaving your castle! Perhaps we’ll see each other again one day.” ***Skull Pete disappears from Mirror Lake***

Keeper of the Castle wonders what’s happening in the castle. “Something strange is afoot. Everything is getting lost in the shuffle!” Items seem out of place and must be put back in order. “It’s important to do a maintenance check of the castle. It’s all about checks and balances!” The Keeper tells you not to worry, “Now let’s take care of what you need, shall we?” Being the bookworm that he is, the Keeper remembers “One of the ancient books mentioned the Eternal Call. There’s a description of one of the items needed in that book.” Turns out, the Keeper managed to find that item was kept in some mystical place and you found it in the Mystic Fountain.


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LEVEL 64 cont.

Salty says you’re getting crafty and wonders if you know a good blacksmith. It seems Salty needs your help after marauders stole his things. “Well, I suppose I don’t need those things after all.” He offers you a diamond for your trouble if you help him make replacements. Helping all he could, Salty thinks the Lord Chamberlain may know something.

The Lord Chamberlain can feel you came back for a reason. “Why did everybody decide I know more than anyone?” Such an old offense, but Jeronimo is still angry with him. “I’d completely forgotten about our falling out, but I did take a magic amulet from Jeronimo.” The Chamberlain hopes he can convince Salty to change his attitude. “So much time has passed that I don’t remember what I took from Jeronimo. Well, I can’t find the thing I stole. But maybe we can find something to replace it.” The Chamberlain looks around for something of value, “I just need a small gift to placate Jeronimo.”

Salty thinks it’s a shame the Chamberlain couldn’t help you, but at least he remembered his debt.


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Salty’s spirits were lifted by the Lord Chamberlain’s kind deed. That surge in energy was enough for Salty to contemplate looking for adventures again. For all your help, Salty gives you another piece to the Eternal Call.

The Iron Knight has a vague memory “that my enemy mumbled something about a guard.” Struggling with his shackles, he’s determined to remember more. Aha! “The man in the hood talked about the Severe Stare. I don’t know if he was looking for it or if he wanted to hide it.” It seems as if the Knight’s foe couldn’t find that part to the Eternal Call. “Don’t feel bad. Even the mage couldn’t find the Severe Stare.” The Knight senses this final piece is close and could be right under your very nose, “maybe even in this room.” Sure enough, you find the Severe Stare, the final piece to the Eternal Call, and the Knight always “knew you could do it.”

***The Guest Room opens in the Dark Tower***

In the Guest Room, in an old Carved Chest, you find the Chain Breaker. It’s a giant sledge hammer and the only thing it can’t break is your spirit. “This might free the Iron Knight at last!”


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LEVEL 65 cont.

The Iron Knight, alone in his solitude, feels everyone has forgotten him. “I was afraid I’d be in these chains forever!” He’s very eager to throw off the chains, and you are just as eager to help him.

The Lord Chamberlain knows the Chain Breaker “has great strength. But we must restore the artifact to tap into it.” Unfortunately, the Chain Breaker can’t be repaired. “We need someone who knows more about the artifact that we do.”

Henry the Archeologist wants to be filled in on all the castle details. “So something terrible was happening in the Castle! And I never knew!” Apparently, Henry was on a break, ”I was off on an archeological expedition, but I had to return for provisions.” Henry knows of the Chain Breaker and that a gnome blacksmith made it. Perhaps pieces can be found among the gnome treasures in the Underground Treasury. That search went nowhere, but Henry found a lead while looking through his old entries. Sure enough, you find the first missing piece of the Chain Breaker.


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LEVEL 65 cont.

Salty thinks his lost diary could be of help. “I used to keep a diary of all the stories I heard in the tavern. But the guards took it away.” But he still remembers some of the stories. “In one of the stories, an adventurer found a treasure in the Overgrown Column. The adventurer wasn’t lucky, you see. He met bandits.” Lost for a moment by memories swimming in his head, Salty loses his train of thought, “I’ve forgotten what I meant to tell you – it was an interesting story about a charming lady.” Salty says he recently met that lady in the Chapel, but perhaps she could tell you about her adventures herself.

Valeria Steiner says “Didn’t expect to see me? My absence had nothing to do with what happened in the castle. My friend asked for my help. Looks like it saved my life.” Valeria has a secret task that is nearly complete. She gives you the Ruler's Tiara and says "Here, take this. It will be safe with you." Your help is very important because "she needs to hide from people right now." Valeria asks you to deliver the tiara to Anabel.

Anabel is desperately trying to restore her memories, so much of which seems to have vanished, and is very wary of accepting the tiara from Valeria. Afraid it’s either a mistake or a trap, “I remember talking to Valeria Steiner, but I don’t remember what it was about. I remember we spoke about the Ruler’s Tiara. But why did I need it?”


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Valeria appreciates your help and, “Now I hope Anabel’s memory will return.”

Salty boasts that he didn’t send you to Valeria in vain, but “I’ve been talking too much! Let’s start looking around.”

The Lord Chamberlain has been busy since your last visit. “I’ve collected all the elements of ancient knowledge that should help restore the Chain Breaker.” The ancient writings don’t mention the Chain Breaker, but something looks interesting. “The ancient book is missing the most critical page!” After some searching and crafting, you find an encrypted page, exactly what the Chamberlain needs. “I’ve discovered that the information on the Chain Breaker is in the Folio. The Folio has information about the mysterious place where the Steel Spirit can be found.” Sure enough, you find the Steel Spirit, a part of the Chain Breaker.

Anabel’s thoughts are still haunted by the Ruler’s Tiara. She can’t stop thinking about it or wondering why she would need it. She has to remind herself to focus, “I nearly forgot about the Iron Knight!” She asks you to visit him to find out how he’s doing.

The Iron Knight’s strength is ebbing away. “I don’t know how long I can hold on.” If he could, he would help you restore the Chain Breaker. Anabel is his only thought as he desperately cries, "If only I can break free of my chains!”

Anabel is glad that the Iron Knight wasn’t too depressed, but still wants to find out about the Ruler’s Tiara. Perhaps Henry the Archeologist’s knowledge would come in handy.

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