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[Post New]by Abrielle on Aug 10, 17 7:04 PM
Please feel free to add me id is i2513432 .... name is Bree level 78 and I play everyday and gift everyday?

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Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by tennco on Aug 10, 17 7:14 PM
;FYI. There are iOS players with 5 and 6 digit numbers.


Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by sillylittlgirl on Aug 17, 17 5:51 AM
New to this game and play several times a day. I am at Level 24 and would love new friends.

Please add me i2526631 My name is Leesa


Re:iOS Friend Codes

[Post New]by tahitianpearl on Aug 17, 17 12:41 PM
New to IPad game, I already play on PC (664963).
Need more IPad friends. i2517727
Level 15

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