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[Post New]by Grimwald on Mar 9, 17 8:38 PM
Two voices:

"…I tried adjusting the marble, but that just offset the dustering so that I couldn't read the grids at all.

Crouching beneath the hutches, I see two sets of legs come into the room and approach the workstation.

"Dude, I could have told you that. Did you try increasing the taurine empathizer?"

"The realtime nantuck plug-in doesn't have that, but I'm hoping it will be included in the next upgrade. Until then, it just means extra overtime 'cause I have to log all the weeviling jigs manually. Man, the coffee is off today!"

"Dude! Did you leave the recall apps running when we left? You know Mackenzie said we have to be extra careful around this chick. I mean rabbit. She's apparently one crazy hack. Oh, sh---!"

I shrink further into the recesses. The cooks and chimneysweeps quietly rearrange themselves to give me as much cover as possible. I don't trust the look in the eyes of one baby girl, though.

"How'd she get out this time?! The alarms didn't go off!"

"Quick, just recall her again before anyone else notices." A strike on a keyboard, and a relieved exhalation.

Then banging of a wire cage, and a new third voice: "What the -----!"

And one of the original voices: "Oh, sh--."

And the other: "CEO? Sir….?"

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[Post New]by Grimwald on Mar 10, 17 9:19 PM
I am about to open an aperture in order to travel elsewhere, but I hesitate. The CEO himself? And as per usual, several things happen simultaneously.

"Yes, sir! Get you out right away, sir!" The unfortunate computer nerds fall over themselves to extract the most recent occupant from my wire cage.

One also has (the Dude, perhaps) the sense to call for back up. So as per usual, we have various alarums blaring. My poor beleaguered ears!

"…. Major crises to deal with… half-assed assassin's brother threatening a lawsuit… need to run damage control on the dust bunny cafeteria situation… contract awards for weed control, black vines should not be invading the non-tourist areas of the Castle… need to re-establish trust with the residents, especially the three twizzers, we need them… Why am I still in this cage? I don't have TIME for this!"

"Immediately, sir!" And sotto voce hissing----- Dude, where are the wire cutters?

Even more new voices: "Grim, be ye here! Can ye hear! Yur pur ear!"

"Hey, that's decent rhyme and meter! You know, I'm thinking of starting a poetry appreciation class. Alternate Saturday afternoons only, of course, because it's so difficult to get time off from our adventure otherwise. The Rocksville public library has agreed to let me use one of the common rooms as a professional courtesy. You should sign up!"

It's Randy and Jenifer.

And just when I think things can't get any worse, the baby girl bunny tosses aside her rattle, rips off her rabbit skin, and rises up in the awful guise of Lily Munster. Or at least, someone wearing the Ghost Bride avatar.


Gasp, gasp, pant, pant! I scrabble backwards beneath the bleachers of staff gymnasium 2 faster than you can say "antidisestablishmentarianism."

Okay, maybe that wasn't the best comparison for my speed.

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[Post New]by eastendteddy on Mar 10, 17 9:46 PM
I GLARE at Jen and grab spidie man box whip out a P B&J crusty bread sandwhice and scoofs it down I am that hungry and shake the juice box uh huh half gone and looks at her when she wants the cookie , oh the one I ate already with the big bite mark?? that cookie? here take the apple or should I say da core and please tell me ya found it that way inside da box,,, snarls yeah right uh huh sureeeeeeeeeee yeppers and I have a swamp to sell ya,
We head off to find and rescuse Grim as I hold up da Key rings and show Jen da bunnie fur all over it, when I stop dead in me tracks and Jen crash's head first into me shoulder owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww she say ya broke me nose wiff yer stupid shoulder what ya got under dat torn shirt IRON, nope idjit dem der be what yall call musculces..we stop da creakin stops, I raise my finner to me mouth and look at Jen shhhhhhhhh listen,, I raise my right foot no squeke step foreward, nuffin, I follow wiff my left foot and creak squeekkk,step foreward and the boards groan, I look at Jen I knew it I knew it was na me RobKnee that crack came from under me left foot NOT my right ,I motion fer Jen to back up slow like and hug the wall as close as she kin get , summthin feels not right here,
I look at the floor dirt and dust covered oh PTG would have a heart attack seeing this and poor boy wiff out his broom to clean it , look close Jen dem der slats are crooked and look there be nails stickin up and does dat not look like a handel over der ? thunck we found us a secret room or a cellar, whatcha thunck?
You still have dat screwdriver wiff ya?? she pulls out of her corset a stick of dynomite , a Bomb, a pistal and looks at me wiff puppy dog eyes and shrugs her shoulders can't feel it
well what in tar nations is going to help me wiff you blooming idjit??
**** continued********

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Re:Ready for the special room

[Post New]by eastendteddy on Mar 10, 17 10:13 PM
Well good thin I still have me Bowie knife hid in me boot well what's left of me boot,
stay right there DO NOT MOVE I slowly bend on one knee me good one and swipe off some dirt till I kin see an outline and the handle is clear now , scary lookin thin it be a Lion holding a ring in his snarling mouth, I look at Jen iffin this thin bites me I am going to throttel you,, what what says Jen as I cut her off mid way HUSH WOMAN do ya want someone to hear us find us and drag us back to da Special Room hog tied chained shackeled and drugged out of our skulls??
This might be a way out of here and down to da tunnels and back to SANITY
But but what about the others PTG Grim, Hoppy Wicker and I Gibbs slap her hush calm da H*** down iffin this is an escape we will come back for them armed to da toofies and with reinforchments , Jen snaffels at me yeah right Randy you still in La La Land there is NO other outside here,,, Look you ding bat you have not heard a word I have been telling you THIS my arms fly all over da area IS NOT real OUT >>>>>> der is and iffin dis be da way out you will see fer yer self what I have been tryin to tell you all is da truff and ya know what else?? over der I speak normal,,am the Leader of a troop of very very good soldiers and we have fighting very well trained animals and I DO NOT DRINK ,I drink herbal tea, and we have a very well stocked camp with rescued villagers and of course our Dragons, I can see her mind is about to explode so I reach over and close her mouth and say lets start wiff dis door okay// I run my knife under the hinge and slowly very quite pry a bit ata time very rusty have to go slow as not to make to much noise, I bend over so I can peek in and see dim light on the walls ,, oh tourches, but to dark to see much as yet
but I do see sparkels is that gold? coins? jewels? a stockade of weapons OMG OMG Jen I need more light ,, man could I use that lantern , I stop when I hear voices and foot steps I close the trap door and try to sink into da wall my forearm covering Jen pushing her harder against da wall sowwie as I raise my arm a tad higher shhhhhhhhhhh der close

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[Post New]by eastendteddy on Mar 11, 17 1:46 PM
I can feel that Jen wants to SLAP me hard for getting to close to um um well you know
I kin barely breath and please please do not hear our well my heart beating out of me chest,,,, W.I.H are these people? and what are they doing under the floor boards?
A slight breeze tickels me nose and I scr*ew up my face NO NO do not sneeze,,, the smell is harsh like chemicals and dat hummmmmmmmmmm W>T>H is it??
It seems like hours we are smeared agin da wall but only a few minutes in real time as I listen to da voices grow weaker so mean dey be walkin away,, I look at Jen and whisper did ya hear dat<< I heard we have to catch those 4 and get them back in the cages or we will pay da price,, must be the gaurds still luckin fer us , Jen swipes me hand away from her shoulders, sheeeesh woman dat da thanks I get fer saving your sorry hide, next time you on yer own,,Jen snorts like that is a biggie,,I crock me head to hear if we are agin alone, I sign to Jen stay put,, I bend over and agin slip me blade under the frame and lift, holding breath dat it does not creak, a tad wider ,,, I lean over to get a better look and yep fall head first down da hole,,, wiff a crash boom bang I land on a moutain of coins, diamonds OWWWWW dem be pointy and and tumble into da wall...
Oh great I just gave us away and get ready to be handcuffed and shackeled and thrown in a cage,,, but no I seem to be safe , I rub me eye balls cause I kin no believe what I am looking at,, a wall of steel door like cells divided by a glass wall and a poster on da wall next to eatch one,,I creep over fer a better lookie see,, I gasp WWWWWW.TTTTTTTTTT.HHHHHHHHHHH
inside eatch cell is a object this one has a baby crock all hooked up to wires and tubes and on da other side is this hugemungus mechanicel crock ,, I look at da paper on da wall , and it hits me,, this is what they are doing down here,,,,,turning everythin in da Castel into robots thingies,, oh eveil pur evil I tell ya,,,
********** Contninued*************

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[Post New]by eastendteddy on Mar 11, 17 1:57 PM
I am scered silly to look in da other cells but have to check dem out.
next one has a sparrow same as da crock all hooked up and on da otter side robot bird,,
I think me head is goin explode I look over to da otter side but all I see is empty cells same as these ones but empty ????
get closer to read the poster and almost pass out,,
#1 has Grims pic on it to be turned into ===Metal Wabbit wit saber tooffies
#2 has Jen's pic to be turned into Robo Scarats =man kin she hides weapons in those wings ,, I Gibb slap meself
#3 has PTG to be turned into Metal Centaph wiff a broom in his claws
#4 it's me they want to turn me into a ROBO AUTOMATION
I have to get back to Jenifer and tell her what I found better still show her cause she will NEVER belive me, and then destroy this place blow it to bits I smirk Jen will be happy to do dat I am sure,,
I work my way back to da pile of coins and call fer Jen to help me up,,,,,,,,


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[Post New]by playingthegame on Mar 12, 17 3:02 AM
Jenny Wren scoots out of the room following the squeak of Cap’n Bob’s artificial leg.

I hear her in the distance telling him to quieten down and getting some undecipherable male oaths in return.

I am alone with Tarquin, the mottled hued sergeant of the guard who has just been “talked” to by my partner.

I smile and tell him:
"It is a good job we are not in the Craftsmen District or else the Brewing Machine barrel would have been used to extract information from you, and I don’t mean its alcohol contents either!

Now I am a reasonable man, and I have modest needs. So why don’t you save us both a LOT of unpleasantness and answer these few questions?

I have just had this white MC tunic cleaned and have no soap powder to wash any blood off even if I had a spare robe”

It is nice to see that his face has calmed down from its rainbow hue and is now ashen white.

It is well known in military circles that the grade of Sergeant besides being the dispenser of oral discipline also means inveterate gossip (like Cap’n means blithering idjit who can’t be trusted with his/her own shadow!)

Tarquin is no exception and it is soon apparent that he knows MANY things about the Castle’s nefarious activities and why we Four are so sought after at the moment.


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[Post New]by playingthegame on Mar 12, 17 3:14 AM
Our slimy toad of a CEO has heard that the MC Development team are held in high esteem by the BFG owners and have just been given a small bonus based on a percentage of the game’s profits.

This wannabee upstart has gotten into his thick skull that if the MC game were cloned and then marketed then BFG and so HIM (the CEO) would also make a fortune with all its attending kudos.

But there is a snag to this grandiose plan!

There is a severe shortage of animate objects. Even the Castle bunnies cannot breed fast enough and Jenny’s attempts at wild life togetherness have not succeeded in producing the additional numbers necessary.

So he has hired two very expensive IT operatives (cunningly on a “no win-no fee” basis) to reproduce the Castle wildlife with mechanical duplicates.

But what the CEO has not realized is that HE too is being manipulated by the evil in the Castle and from what Tarquin tells me these are being forged into an army of metallic animated warriors ready, willing and able to undermine the whole Castle existence.

Tarquin is exhausted so I find a spare cup of coffee from the Summer Garden HOS , pat him on his head and then securely tie him up.

I MUST find my two companions and let them know what they are letting themselves in for>>>>>>> A TRAP!

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[Post New]by Grimwald on Mar 12, 17 2:43 PM
"This way!" The Ghost Bride catches my wrist and pulls me further behind the bleachers. As I'm dragged away, Randy, Jenifer and a couple hundred rabbits pass through the gymnasium unhindered and unobserved by the computer nerds and the CEO, who is still stuck in the cage.

"But-" I try to watch over my shoulder.

The Ghost Bride opens a door, next to which is a sign that reads "This door alarmed 24 hours days." I smother a giggle; perhaps Jenifer's expertise as a technotherapist is required.

The door closes behind us. "How did Jenifer and Randy not get caught?" I ask as we hurry along the tunnel.

"Don't you know?"

I feel silly. "Different timelines, of course. We've slipped sideways from each other. Do I know you?"

"No. And I'll leave this avatar in place, if you don't mind." She consults a slip of paper. "This is it. Now open an aperture to the Castle Gate." I comply and we step through.

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[Post New]by Grimwald on Mar 12, 17 2:49 PM
I've often heard the higher level players complain about the ivy or black matter that obscures the rooms and HOSs in the low-fifties of the game, but haven't actually encountered it yet myself. It's not any ivy I'm familiar with: the huge leaves are a dark oily green and they vibrate unnervingly when I get too close. We walk up the rickety stairs to Trina's lair.

Trina and her wolves appear to be off duty. I look at the Ghost Bride questioningly. She gestures toward the Lucky Diamond slot machine. "Spin it, and get ready to grab" I haven't visited the slot machine lately, being too caught up elsewhere in the world. I take my free daily spin. One plain stamp, one simple food, one green stamp, bust. "Again," she commands.

I shrug and plop in three diamonds. One unique food, two unique food - "ah!" - and three unique food. The music plays, blue canisters of pet food fall, but instead of plump purple gremlins applauding my win, two spidery-looking lizards burst out. They leap away in separate directions, but the Ghost Bride catches one by its scrawny neck. I fumble at first, but taking advantage of my rabbit form, I leap and catch the other.

"What is this thing?!" The lizard-thing struggles mightily and tries to bite. "And what's it doing in the slot machine?"

The Ghost Bride hides her spider-lizard in the billowing white rags of her gown. "Not sure. I received a tip, but I'm not allowed to play the bandit. You keep that one. I think you'll need it. Now let's go before Trina returns. No one knows whose side she's on."

We descend the outer stairs. "And whose side are you on?" I ask. I've stuffed the spider-lizard into my pet inventory, in one of the empty slots belonging to my missing bunny pets.

She smiles. "No one knows that either. But for right now, yours." She plunges into the Broken Well and vanishes.

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[Post New]by Grimwald on Mar 12, 17 2:59 PM
I dive down the Well after the Ghost Bride and fall into the middle of HQ. And I KNOW there is no tunnel or aperture supposed to do that!

Cash and Wickerbat pop their heads up from the ball pit where they have been napping, then sleeze and ooze their way over to say hi. I say hi back, giving them each extra cuddles by way of apology for having neglected them for so long. I hope Skull Pete delivers my order soon.

Next, I check in on my fellow - what in the world are we to each other? Rats, perhaps, Rallying Against Tyrannical Subjugation. Gah, Jenifer has me doing acronyms now!

I locate PTG still in the export lab. He seems to be sharing a cup of something hot with a security guard, who is tied to a chair. Next I search for Jenifer and Randy, which would be a lot EASIER if the laptop were with Jenifer rather than sitting here in HQ doing no one any good.

I start with the coordinates for staff gymnasium 2. The unfortunate techs have succeeded in removing the CEO (if indeed that is who he is) from the cage. Scrap wire now lies all over the floor. The CEO appears to be chewing them out, but rather than being cowed, one of the techs shows the CEO a document and he subsides. Interesting indeed.

But it's not Randy and Jenifer. Let's see, if they exited from this side of the gym, they should be in this passage… I scan ahead and YES, there they are opening a trap door in the tunnel floor. Rather low tech, if you ask me. As Randy leans over to look in, Jenifer's foot sneaks out and gives him the slightest tap on the rump, and down Randy goes. Then she sits down against the wall and slurps on a juice box.

Where has Randy fallen to? The floorplan I'm cross-referencing doesn't show a trapdoor in this passage. I pull up a different one. Nope. Yet another. No… wait. I zoom in on a code: sKybit33x. But what's that supposed to mean, when it's at home?

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[Post New]by Jenifer_Rule on Mar 13, 17 12:53 AM

Watching Randy try to open a simple hatch was like being trapped in an episode of 'Lost'. If it were written by a deranged monkey.

First he complains about the food - but that's fair. Then he does the Hokey Pokey on the floor boards, while I nurse my bruised nose.

But then he tells me that this is not an escape to the world we know and often blow up, but a way back to sanity.

Then he touches me inappropriately. I'm all slapped out right now, so I kick him into the finally open trap door and steal his juice box.

He comes back in quite a dither. Apparently he is not the only one scheduled for an 'extreme makeover'.

I haul him out of the hole in the floor and offer him the last of the juice.

"Ohhh… all bad… very bad… I needs to get back to me troops! I be sane there!"

"Why?" I ask, thoughtfully.


I clamp a hand over his mouth. "No… WHY are a you sane and capable commander THERE, but an incoherent, harebrained toddler HERE?"

Randy scratches his head. "Uh… Dat be a good question…"

"Well then, we have to find out." I stand up. "But first, is there anything you want me to blow up?"

"Dis! ALL of dis!" He sweeps his arms around as far as they will go.

I beam! "Oh! You sure know how to make a girl's day!"

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[Post New]by Jenifer_Rule on Mar 13, 17 12:59 AM

We head back to PTG.

"NO! No More! You promised me no more of her!"

"I made no such promise." PTG calmly replies. He's quite enjoying this.

"Have you learned anything?" I ask.

"Oh, yes, quite a lot." PTG sips his coffee. "I was just coming to find you."

"We were just coming to blow the whole place up."

A sigh. "Why is that your answer to every situation?"

"Actually it was Randy's idea!"


"Day gonna turn us ALL into robots!"

"I think I know who's behind it, and it's not the CEO! Someone else is pulling all the strings! They want to steal everything that is good about Midnight Castle!"

"That explains the bunnies."

"Can I go now?"

We all look to Tarquin. I rub my hands together and walk over to him. "How are you at Science and Nature?"

"No! No please! NO!"

"Well, there IS a way you could automatically win the game and be set free." I shrug. At this stage Tarquin is teetering between suicide and Stockholm Syndrome. "But you would have to help us…"

"Anything! I'll be one of you!"

Stockholm Syndrome it is. PTG really IS good!

"Go over to that panel and put back every single bunny, pet and any other captured critter back where they belong. That's it. Then you win the game."

"Of course! Easy! But… you have to untie me."

PTG thoughtfully sips the last of his coffee, washes and dries the cup and places it carefully on a shelf. He walks slowly over to Tarquin, pauses, then leans down. "If you're lying to me…"

We all leave his sentence unfinished. We think Tarquin has wet himself. We say nothing.

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[Post New]by Jenifer_Rule on Mar 13, 17 1:04 AM

PTG unties Tarquin who scrambles over to the consol. "You can watch on the monitors." He points to several screens on the wall. I watch the monitors, but PTG watches Tarquin - something he notices with great discomfort.

I watch as bunny after bunny pops back into HOS after HOS. Despondent MC dwellers are suddenly overjoyed as their favourite pet hops into their arms.

There is joy and laughter and plenty of feeding followed by gold chests. The MC world is once again full of bunnies.

"Are there any more?" I ask. Tarquin brings up pictures of all the rooms with cages. They are all empty.

PTG peers around and catches Tarquin's eye. "I promise, sir!" Tarquin starts to cry.

"Alllrightie then." I'm positively perky as I place the dynamite under the consol. Hoppy hands me more artillery as I hum my way around the room.

"Now, how do we get out of here?"

"WAIT!" Randy scratches his head. "Not all. Bello floor… eggsperiments. Crocs."

PTG and I look accusingly at Tarquin.

"I don't know anything about that! I swear!" As if to prove he is not lying he scrolls through every single camera in the facility. Then he stops.

"POPPET!!" I scream. My somewhat untrustworthy low-slung steed is now RoboPoppet!

"Dis is true evil, right here."

"We have to help them!"

"I don't know what unhooking them will do." PTG can barely look at the screens.

I race out of the room and down the hatch. "Hey! Diamonds!" I pocket a bunch, then head on towards the unspeakable petting zoo. The animals seem to be in varying stages of transformation. Hoppy hands me a glass cutter.

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[Post New]by Jenifer_Rule on Mar 13, 17 1:07 AM
I start with the small bird. A sparrow. I unhook the wires carefully. It is okay, but unable to fly yet. I tuck it into my corset for warmth. The mini-croc is the same - but I decide that popping it in with a sick bird and a little bunny would be a bad idea. There is also a frog, a caterpillar and a mouse. It is a difficult decision as to who should be put where based on who would eat who. Like one of those boat crossing the lake with a cat, a dog and a bird riddles. I take them up in stages and give Randy the mini croc and PTG the caterpillar. Neither are amused.

I run back down, ignoring Randy's calls. "Der be knotting you can do!"

I hate that he's right. The 'critters' on the other side are not critters at all. Just lifeless machines performing pointless repetitive movements to create the illusion of character. I bash on the glass to get any sign of anything that is not a pre-programmed response. Nothing.

Hoppy hands me the bomb.

I light it, and return to the the others.

"We have about thirty seconds." I dully announce through tears.

"Get us out of here!" PTG grabs Tarquin by the throat.

"I can only teleport two at a time!" Tarquin is frantic

I light a match "Then I suggest you come up with a cunning plan."

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[Post New]by playingthegame on Mar 13, 17 1:49 AM
Jenny Wren + Dynamite = Blackadder/Baldrick poem:
Boom, boom, boom, boom
....... and so on

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[Post New]by Grimwald on Mar 13, 17 4:34 AM

EXPLOSION SHAKES MIDNIGHT CASTLE Midnight Castle has suffered yet another explosion. Safety experts quickly determined the cause to be a natural gas leak deep in the undeveloped cave system below the Grotto and Mirror Lake. Despite reassurances, many residents have given notice and plan to move to Rocksville or Cloud City citing personal safety and a better public library system. Chris Arwin, too, has announced that he will not lease the East Tower of the Castle as a private residence.

OMICRON PRESSES LAWSUIT Omicron Pest Control has filed suit against the Midnight Castle management in the case of Omicron employees who went missing during what was supposed to have been a routine dust bunny extermination. "The situation was grossly misrepresented to us," the company owner declares. "We now believe that Castle management knew the dust bunnies were out of control, and willfully misled us in order to cut costs. Now five of our finest technicians are missing." Castle representatives declined to comment on the case, which is now pending in Cloud City court.

INVASIVE SPECIES BLACK IVY DEEMED A THREAT Black ivy, once limited to players in the low-level 50s, is now being seen throughout Rocksville, Cloud City and beyond by players of all levels. The Rocksville town council is looking into longterm contracts with local lawncare companies. Cloud City is considering similar measures. A Castle spokesperson denies reports that black ivy has been sighted within the Castle itself, including the office wings of upper level management.

RABBITS RETURNED All rabbits, both HOS and personal pets, have been returned to their rightful places. The Castle still has not offered any explanation for the seizure.

POSITIONS POSTED. Immediate position available for editor and news reporter. Reasonable writing skills expected; English, Cantonese, Turkish, Welsh or French a plus. Sense of humor and ability to improvise required. Please submit resumes to the Cloud City Times and Tribune.

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[Post New]by Jenifer_Rule on Mar 13, 17 6:01 AM

POSITIONS POSTED. Immediate position available for editor and news reporter. Reasonable writing skills expected; English, Cantonese, Turkish, Welsh or French a plus. Sense of humor and ability to improvise required. Please submit resumes to the Cloud City Times and Tribune.

"Well that rules me out!" I toss the paper aside.

Tarquin picks it up. "Hey I could do this!"

PTG frowns "Where are we?"

Randy stands and looks out upon a battlefield. A M.A.S.H unit is seen in the distance.

"I'm home."


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[Post New]by playingthegame on Mar 14, 17 7:00 AM
This is what happens when you put a pyro maniacal immature Amazon together with an illiterate IT guy who doesn’t know his “0” from his “1”

Randy has tears in his eyes as he views the scene of battles fought long ago.

He tries to speak but the words stick in his throat.

“Where is everyone?” he whispers, half expecting the "4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital" to emerge from the mist. His mind dwells on the long term friends and relationships that took place in those dusty tents amid the noise and gunfire of war.

He is clearly more upset than I have ever seen him before and it is inevitable that his faithful companion Frosty has also sensed his rider’s distress. The dragon appears suddenly out of the “thin air” and nuzzles up to him.

“Well !” says Jenny Wren. “We have no time for sentiment. We must immediately return to our own dimension and location”

I think to myself that this is easier said than done. Cap’n Bob may have inter dimensional transport but we three do not!

I confront Cap’n Bob and tell him to snap out of his mood. He needs to return and find Grim, who will be able to undo the mess in the time lines and zones that Jenny Wren’s exploding dynamite has caused.

As for Tarquin, I have the opinion that we should leave him behind in this dusty environment; but I keep these thoughts to myself.

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[Post New]by Grimwald on Mar 14, 17 7:09 AM
I have no visuals.

I watched a fireball engulf the tunnel with the trapdoor, staff gymnasium 2 and even the export lab. Their cameras and many others are now dark. If these were tourist areas, reconstruction would already be underway, but there is no evidence yet of cleanup.

Jenifer really outdid herself this time.

I have a dead cook bunny in my pet inventory.

Shortly before the explosion all the recalled rabbits returned to their rightful places. Unfortunately, I had also put that spider-lizard into my inventory. Turns out it's vicious.

I begin mapping out the destruction, using blacked-out cameras as my guide. I give the ferrets the laptop in order to snoop around for any information on"sKybit33x."

It's a vast computer network I'm patched into. It's time to lurk again.

Go to: