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Re:Midnight News-Call to Arms-Surviving Chaos

[Post New]by playingthegame on May 12, 17 7:52 AM
The chattering lizards (if that is what they are) swirl up into the air like a rainbow cloud of scales and meet one VERY LARGE green dragon.

Fortunately I have met Randy’s pet Frosty in the past and am not scared out of my No. 11 (UK size!) boots by large dragons, but this one is much, much bigger.

But my heart is beating somewhat loudly and as I turn to look up to its rider, I find that I can only croak a greeting.

I then see that the rider is female and in military fatigues.

The dragon hovers above me, and I am continually amazed on how gentle these large beasts can be as well as how fierce.

She calls down:
“Who are you? And what do you want in our land?”

I find that I have already forgotten my pre-prepared speech that I had so carefully composed for this occasion!

I give her a wave and a sickly grin

And follow this up with the suggestion that could we please talk “face-to-face” and not with me staring up into an extremely large (and well-fed?) dragon belly.

I sense some form of silent communication with the surrounding beasties and then suddenly – the dragon flicks its tail, whips me off my scooter and onto its back behind her!

We soar upward and onward towards habitation and it is a very good job that I had not eaten before this venture.

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Re:Midnight News-Call to Arms-Surviving Chaos

[Post New]by playingthegame on May 12, 17 7:59 AM
We are both deposited in a square of what looks like a military encampment.

Immediately I am escorted into what is obviously an interrogation room and face two small but very fit–looking women with one of them honing her two knives!

I can get the message!

Once more the dragon rider speaks:
“Who are you? And what do you want in our land?”

I have recovered my voice and begin:

“I am from another dimension where I live in a large Castle locally known to its citizens as the Midnight Castle.
“There are several layers of evil in this Castle and I am part of a group sworn to rid it and restore peace and harmony.
“Our leader is Cap’n Bob aka Randy”

At the mention of Randy’s name they all stiffen and almost come to attention!
I see the woman's knives are poised and ready to be launched!


Am I in the wrong place???

I carry on as best that I can. If all is lost then so-be-it!

“Cap’n Bob has had a knee operation and is recuperating. He is, however, quite ill. In fact he is comatose until his renewed limb heals.

“But we need to communicate with him urgently and from my previous conversations with him I gather this can be done while he is immobile through thought processes IF he had an amulet (which I know nothing about).

“He told me that he had forgotten to put it on whilst making an exploration of some of your underground tunnels.

“We in our Realm have those tunnels too and they have the same code markings on the walls that your team wrote on them.

“But his explanations to us stopped due to his operation and post-operative drugs

“I have traveled here to implore you to let me have his amulet so I can put it on him and restore communication with him

“I realize only too well that his method of doing so is often difficult if not nigh impossible to interpret, but it is the best option available to us!"

I sit back exhausted having "given it my best shot"!

I then sense some form of relaxation has come over the room.

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Re:Midnight News-Call to Arms-Surviving Chaos

[Post New]by rosiebvt on May 13, 17 6:54 PM
"Can't that idiot man go anywhere without doing himself an injury?! I swear I'd kill him if I could get at him for all the trouble he's given us. At least now it looks like somebody else is picking up the pieces for a change." This comes from a third, short, round woman whose bling on her shoulder indicates she's a Lt Col. "Cap'n Bob, huh? You'd think he could come up with an alias better than something that would fit on a breakfast cereal for this "hush-hush mission" he suddenly had to go on. What did I ever do wrong at the Academy that I ended up with him for CO, I ask you?" She looks at the other women who have obviously heard this kind of talk before and at least partially agree. "And did I or did I not tell him several times to make sure he had his amulet attached to himself at all times?" Nods from both, but eye rolls as well. "Well, explain yourself. Who are you and how did you get here, and do you actually expect to get any sense out of the old fool with or without drugs?" She looks at the interloper, obviously waiting for an answer.

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Re:Midnight News-Call to Arms-Surviving Chaos

[Post New]by playingthegame on May 14, 17 12:39 AM
I am not a stupid man!

I look at the new entry to the room who just so happens to be a small ferocious bundle of femininity and gulp!

This woman is Trouble (with a capital “T”! and you can sense the other two moving surreptitiously around the table to be as far away from me as possible.

She oozes respect and admiration for Cap’n Bob but in a negative sort of way.

I am confused as her rank is Lt.Col. and she has just referred to him as her CO!

My memory banks go into overdrive.

In his cups I once heard my leader Randy mutter about the roasting he would get from a small Amazon when she found out about his many indiscretions.

I realize who it was that she was just referring to as she had just summed up his character (also to a “T”!)

A couple of taps of her fingers on the table quickly brings me back to the present.

I think that a short geography lesson and then followed by our recent history would not go amiss.

I begin

OCC [I will not bore our readers with the details of the recent events in the MC Special Room thread as they have all been given there most succinctly]

“So to summarise, we are in a “pickle”

“Our band of ‘daring dooers’ in the face of untold evil have split because of lack of coherent leadership. Our dear leader Cap’n Bob could now be renamed Cap’n Hop-a-Long Robot Bob.

“He has been operated on successfully but is, to put it bluntly, not well. For his own safety and peace of mind he is at present in a metallic sarcophagus and comatose while his body mends.

“I think, however, that his mind is still active and if I could get his amulet back and put somewhere on his person, he may be able to transmit into our minds what we should do next.

“In our Realm we have a plethora of amulets but none of them work.

“That VERY briefly is why I am here. We are a ‘ship without a rudder!’”

I sit back and give her my best smile. The others in the room look at her expectantly and obviously ready to take orders from her.

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Re:Midnight News-Call to Arms-Surviving Chaos

[Post New]by gohill on May 14, 17 8:27 AM
Stroking Smoke's fur, my stomach begins to growl... how long HAS it been since I've eaten??.... Sitting here waiting on MG Randy is not only boring, it's making me stir crazy... Smoke has been staring at the door, ears perked forward... huh... What does he know, I don't?...

<everything> he quips back to me....

oh, funny... Mind cluing me in?

<There is a stranger in camp asking about the MG, calling him Cap'n Bob>

I'm sorry, come again?

<apparently he's been off to strange land, has been hurt, and is now in a metallic sarcophagus and in a coma, healing>


<we've missed a few adventures sitting here waiting for him>

I bang my head against the wall.. so NOW what?? He ORDERED us to stay here.. I can't imagine he wants us to stay here and starve to death...

<I suggest the dining hall and food>

Anything is better than this.... though, I'm beginning to wonder how safe it is to travel outside these four walls.... I open the door to SUNLIGHT.. and have to protect my eyes... The thought of Opel's cooking propels us forward.... For some reason, the thought of lobster and butter pops into my mind... Just hope the chef is not a raccoon.... RACCOON chef?.... where in the world did that thought come from.????.. must be delirious from lack of food....

Smoke is staring at me wide-eyed, if he had hands, he'd be taking my temperature... <are you OKAY??>

ummm... I'll let you know... just keep walking...

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Re:Midnight News-Call to Arms-Surviving Chaos

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I could see her mulling over what I just said, whilst tapping her fingers on the table. She sighed and seemed to come to a decision.

Clearing her throat she began:

“What you are asking for are magical objects specially developed for the quests in our realm. I cannot guarantee that they will work in yours

“But I will try and explain to you what these amulets can and cannot do. After they were developed here, I was told by the techie from the Charmers & Wizardry Unit that these amulets only affect those wearing them, and only when rubbed. If you are not wearing one, or if you are wearing one and have not rubbed it, you will not be aware that anyone else is communicating. Also you need to rub it again every half hour or so to keep it charged up.

"I leave the logistics of getting it onto MG Randy and in working order to you. If he is comatose I just cannot see what good will come of using them though.

"We now have a plentiful supply of them so I will give you two of them to use if that is possible. You have no need to return them. In any case they eventually wear out and disintegrate.

"I trust that you are able to return to your own dimension without any trouble? These soldiers will return you to where they found you.

"I wish you every success in your venture but if it were me I would return him here asap. for our own expert medical attention. WE are very used to his shenanigans!”

She gives me a wry smile which spoke volumes!

Then she rises to her feet and leaves the room, and the other two in combat gear spring to attention and salute.

The taller of the two leads me by the arm out of the room and we leave the building into a nearby field. Within seconds the same huge dragon is perched beside us and once more I am swept up onto its back behind the rider.
In no time at all I am in the middle of the desert and watching my ride receding into the distant hills.

Time to return!

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Re:Midnight News-Call to Arms-Surviving Chaos

[Post New]by playingthegame on May 14, 17 11:32 PM
On leaving the room Lt.Col. Rosie gives a little smile.

She hopes that the stranger is able to get the amulets working on Randy and that he can make some sense in his replies. Perhaps his brain is not so scrambled as his mouth! (sigh!).

But she has not explained all the functions of the amulet!

Another important feature is that in its simplest method of use, those wearing it broadcast to all the recipients.

So she too will be able to hear these conversations.

But you can opt for selective transmission only if you tell it to.

She can target Randy only if she wishes by setting her instructions to Randy only.


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