Market Etiquette List


Market Etiquette List

[Post New]by SweetSayonara on Feb 14, 17 12:22 AM
If you leave your market name, what you usually sell and your "rules" for people buying from your market in this list, it may help people decide who to follow and how much to buy at once from you without upsetting you or disrupting your strategy.
Please keep the format simple, for example:

Market: The Creepy Hand

For Sale: A bit of everything with frequent valuable items

Buyer Preferance: No restrictions. Buy as much as you want at any time. Check back often for fast turnover.

Please also add in what device you are using (Thanks Jillmore!)

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Re:Market Etiquette List

[Post New]by Jillmore on Feb 14, 17 7:39 AM
It will help if you know what device your playing on.

I play on iPad

Market.... Jill

For sale

Storage boxes , I've maxed out on storage so always selling....

All things you need to build castle, when dive is done

Things that take along time to make

Bits of everything, if I can grow enough, I'll sell it, if I can make it fast enough, it's up for sale,

Buy what you need, take it all if you need it.

I love this game and play it at least once a day and NEVER leave my market empty

I would have a SALE and reduse my prices, but the game won't let me do that lol


Re:Market Etiquette List

[Post New]by SweetSayonara on Feb 14, 17 8:29 AM
Jillmore wrote:It will help if you know what device your playing on.

Oh what device, I totally never thought of that thank you so much, great idea!


Re:Market Etiquette List

[Post New]by ButterflyAus on Feb 14, 17 9:16 AM
I'm a level 69 playing as "Butterfly" and anyone and everyone can buy from my market. I play from Australia and sometimes I can never find anything in any market anywhere (the time zone thing). I also don 't understand the people who get offended by sales. Your "friends" were never personally hand picked - you happened to be the 1st person (out of the 1000s online at that moment) to make it to their island when they asked for help, and they happened to be, some time down the track, the 1st person to answer your call for help out of the 1000s online! There is no personal ownership involved. I answer any call for help I see, the second I see it, which serves 2 purposes - the person gets help and I get access to their market. Sometimes my own calls for help can literally take more than an hour to be answered. Now that's frustrating!

I never leave my market empty. I restock a basket as soon as there is a sale, with anything and everything - high end things (in 1s), some raw fruit & vegies, and all things in between, including event items. This helps all level of players; those who are time poor; those whose machines are tied up; those with wandering villagers' requests; those trying to get out balloons; those who have been to the forums and know they will need a certain amount of items for an upcoming event that they can stockpile in advance ... it's a market, not an auction, and everyone buys at the same price from them.

I never send out a call for help unless my market is full. If someone takes the time to answer my call, surely they can be rewarded by seeing if there is something for sale in my market. Who cares why they need it, or how much they buy? Maybe some of the level 100+ players like to redistribute some of the expensive items into different areas of the world playing in different time zones, giving more people a helping hand?

Sometimes my market sells quickly and constantly and it's fun trying to keep up with it. Other times it will sit for hours. At the moment, with the Valentine event, I can't keep up with it, and I sell things as fast as I put them up - everything is selling in 1s and 2s. It's perhaps the only way some people can keep on top of the event and progress to achieve any hearts for their tree. If it helps someone else, why should I mind?

I always put 3 lemons in my baskets per day, having got caught the wrong side of the tentacle with the upgrade. I know it helps others, and that's what the game's about!


Re:Market Etiquette List

[Post New]by SweetSayonara on Feb 14, 17 10:04 AM
I was hoping this thread would be helpful to show at an easy glance what "rules" people are hoping others will follow in their markets

It just MAY help people decide who to follow, unfollow and who to avoid offending.
It will only work if its done in a simple list as explained in my first post.


Re:Market Etiquette List

[Post New]by mesalady44 on Feb 14, 17 1:52 PM
I welcome anyone to my market, buy as much as you want. I try to keep it filled. I often check out of the game for an hour or two then come back. When I do one of the first thing I do is check my market.

I try to pick people who are using their markets to follow. I also change the people I follow occasionally. Adds flavor to the variety. I also go through the list of followers occasionally just to see who is there and what they have.

I also try to keep my machines as busy as possible so I can have things that I make to sell and use for balloons and islander's requests.

If I see a person has an achievement (say reaching level 20 or one of the early achievements) I look in their market and try to buy something. Just to give them a welcome and a boost in the game.

Smiles to all - love this game. My name in the game is ggmapatty and I play on a pc.

I am at level 113 and have almost finished the last piece of the castle. I am really looking forward to the coming soon section to see what awaits next.

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Re:Market Etiquette List

[Post New]by Moogle22 on Feb 14, 17 2:25 PM
Hi my name is Julie and I play on my iPhone. My market is usually full with lots of things often including high end things. I welcome all to my market to buy as much and as often as you want as I am sick of the bots Taking the things I make for other players. I am currently making lots of bricks as I have finished my castles to help others out. So watch for my sale posts

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Re:Market Etiquette List

[Post New]by bichy on Feb 14, 17 10:35 PM
Amara is my SS player name, playing on PC in Australia. (just for timeline)

Happy to share my goods with any one to wants / needs to buy.

I try to have some of everything in market from high end to produce.

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Re:Market Etiquette List

[Post New]by CherZR on Feb 16, 17 12:24 PM
Game Name: Chersh
Current Level: 83
Platform: PC
# Slots: 10
Usual Stock: Variety for newer to seasoned players, but seem to feature sweet items
Policy: Buy until your heart's content; I need the coins & the room in my storage . I have a couple of followers who like to buy out the market & find it funny to watch them race to buy me out when they are on at the same time; though they do leave my market alone enough so that there are sometimes hours where I pray for one of them to come on so I can get rid of my overstock to make room for things I actually need for my balloons

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Re:Market Etiquette List

[Post New]by dancehawk on Feb 16, 17 12:27 PM
Hi proud butterfly on pc.
Daily player.
Our shop carry's a vast selection of merchandise from the far corners of the island.
Something's can only be created with special glass which is poured in our crafters oven.
Is your tummy rumbling from the smell off baked apples?

Do you crave a cherry tart?

Want to dip your finger in the jar of honey?

Or are you looking for a ring to place upon your cherished love?

We carry it all...Stocks very through out the day!

Only rules we have is to come to the island sit have tea watch the pandas battle brose the shops till your arms can carry no more then pop over to the wood shop and see what delights are being carved up as you relax next to the coco tree.

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[Post New]by Witchy55 on Feb 17, 17 3:03 AM

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Re:Market Etiquette List

[Post New]by SweetSayonara on Feb 17, 17 3:06 AM
Yes, a message list is exactly what we need, what an amazing idea but doubtful the Mods would allow it.

I am able and willing to take private requests too. Got nothing else to do until I open up the next area.


Re:Market Etiquette List

[Post New]by ButterflyAus on Feb 17, 17 3:59 AM
dancehawk - I wish I could give you a thumbsup or a plus for your comment directly (like some blogs allow on online newspapers!) It has to be the BEST comment I've read re the markets on several of the separate threads on this forum. Absolutely love it Seeing as I can't find a cup emoticon, maybe this will do instead ?
Cheers, ButterflyAus - playing as Butterfly (level 69). Hope to come across your island some time!

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Re:Market Etiquette List

[Post New]by dancehawk on Feb 19, 17 11:00 AM
Hugs ButterflyAus!
What a beautiful way to wake up! Logged in and saw your post!

Thank you!!!!!


Re:Market Etiquette List

[Post New]by mimolettecheese on Feb 21, 17 3:43 PM
Very silly question, but is there a way to search for players or finding any of you is just pure luck?

I am desperate to find people selling anything with amber and people willing to raid my market often!

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Re:Market Etiquette List

[Post New]by silver_hawk on Feb 21, 17 4:00 PM
mimolettecheese wrote:Very silly question, but is there a way to search for players or finding any of you is just pure luck?

I am desperate to find people selling anything with amber and people willing to raid my market often!

Pure luck and a little effort. Make sure you visit notifications often. Some of those players will still get achievements and those notifications go out world wide. Make sure you jump through any and all smiley faces still left up from help calls to jump from island to island.

Send out your help calls when you fill your market to increase followers to your island. Then you'll soon get a bigger follower base to visit (although it only displays 20 at a time it does change every so often). Visiting friends and followers often increases your chances of finding "helped" machines that still have smiley faces to jump through to find more islands.

Eventually you'll run into the islands your looking for. The only issue is mobile vs PC. Those platforms are on separate servers so you'll never find a mobile player if you're on PC and visa versa.


Re:Market Etiquette List

[Post New]by SweetSayonara on Feb 22, 17 4:41 AM
As one hideously greedy individual takes all valuables from my market before anyone else can get a chance, if you want Toys, Books, Pictures or Jewellery, send me a PM and we will set it up so you can get what you need.

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Re:Market Etiquette List

[Post New]by kristi7813 on Feb 22, 17 10:50 PM
Hi all! I'm playing as Misfit Toys (formerly Texans Fan) on iPad. L91

I try to keep my market full (10 slots) but it's tough to keep up with the bots. I don't care who buys what or how much you buy, as long as I get paid. . Sometimes the baskets are empty I admit. It takes time to replenish my stock and I try to keep a minimum of 2 of everything for myself to fill orders.

One request I have for anyone reading this. Please don't sell 10 of a regular item (not talking about amber, bricks, etc). I will frequently be shopping for something but someone is selling 10. I only need 1. I'm willing to buy 2-3 but 10 is too much. Just a thought. Break it up into multiple baskets.

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Re:Market Etiquette List

[Post New]by lady_sabelle on Mar 19, 17 5:32 PM
When this topic appeared I wasn't sure I wanted to post my market "rules" since it's never made much difference when I've posted before. I'm to my breaking point again and just want to ask one more time, in clearer terms, that players try to share a bit more.

If you go to Sabel's market, please only buy 3 to 4 (or fewer) baskets from me at a time. I expanded the market to 14 baskets and it's very frustrating when players come in and buy out most of the items all at once.

I've said this before, I'm not selling to make money! I sell to share. I'm well past the 1 million mark and there's no point in continuing to amass more. I try to keep items that take a long time to make in my market (and some high demand things too) so that when players need something quick for a balloon or villager request they can get it.

Every time I see the same player name(s) filling most of the baskets I want to stop selling all together because that's the only sure fire way to keep it from happening.

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Re:Market Etiquette List

[Post New]by mdpetdoc on Mar 19, 17 6:29 PM
lady_sabelle wrote:Every time I see the same player name(s) filling most of the baskets I want to stop selling all together because that's the only sure fire way to keep it from happening.

Having experienced this problem firsthand, I understand your frustration. One of the players doing this in your market (yes I follow you) used to do the same thing in mine. I stopped selling long production items for several weeks and switched to selling what you needed to make it. If pictures were need, I sold planks, palettes, and paper. If it were berry cake, I sold berry jam and bread and for mirrors planks, glass, and iron bar. The regular players still appreciated it because it saved them a lot of time and the purchasers of only long production or hot items moved on to other markets. I haven't seen the player who used to do this to my market and who is now in your market in my market or on my follower list for the past 2 weeks so I suspect they stopped following me. The other players who buy my long production items now buy a couple and come back 30 minutes later to buy more. I'm ok with that because they've given someone else a chance.

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