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Mysterious Disappearance (Cruise Liner) Recycled Offer

[Post New]by elianchen on Mar 16, 17 2:04 AM
Mysterious Disappearance (Cruise Liner) Recycled Offer

[Post New]by Trucker1979 on Jul 19, 16 1:38 AM
Here is the old thread, had to dig 25 pages back to find it as it does not turn up in advanced search. There is no entries in Wiki for this event.


"Mina Joy is found in Bellow's Manor. Charges are giftable." achumannfaery

"Attention Lower Level Players

Just a heads up to let you know, you need to have ToK (Times of Knights) open to play this offer." Beth87112

"The room is open for 4 hours.
The dragon needs 19000 and can be fed 50 times. 2 hours." - nixe2000

dirio 1 "I don't like to wait. I have to tear into my chests as soon as possible The chest contains:

100 - Silver Tarra Cards
50 - Gold Tarra Cards
1 - Scotch Tape
7 - Crystal Harps
5 - Creature Summoning Scrolls
1 - Blue Sardonyx
1 - Atomic Explosion
5 - Bells
5 - Phase Watches
7 - Azure Grapes
5 - Solar Lamps
5 - Hammers of Thor
5 - Dragon Coins
1 - Toy Angel
3 - Magic Magnifying Glasses
5 - Dragon Tablets
5 - Latin Scrolls
5 - Fiery Seals
1 - Heat of Fire
5 - Old Amphoras
5 - Paranormal Traps
15000 - Coins
10 - Gems
2000 - Experience Points
1 - Trophy Wedding Cruise"

Go to link thread for Info from Aventeux on Exploration Insight, last post on the one page.

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Re:Mysterious Disappearance (Cruise Liner) Recycled Offer

[Post New]by Boute135 on Mar 16, 17 5:25 PM
Thanks Elianchen!

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Re:Mysterious Disappearance (Cruise Liner) Recycled Offer

[Post New]by marliza on Mar 18, 17 11:20 AM
old thread misspelled with only one p in disappearance.

I am having trouble getting the T-corrector in dismantled mode. I think I've done the search about 5 times now. Is there a problem with this mode? Or do I just have to keep trying the same?

Never mind. I just got it. But that took a lot of tries!

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Re:Mysterious Disappearance (Cruise Liner) Recycled Offer

[Post New]by AnandaJoy on Mar 19, 17 2:12 PM
I've found that Mina Joy at neighbors' places drops life jackets more readily if you click just before or after she touches her hair the second time. It works with siren lights at home places.
It might depend on how quickly your mouse responds.
You can experiment with the timing at your neighbors' places.

After completing the quest, she stopped dropping siren lights, and dropped items that your neighbors can give as gifts.

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