Fairy Island update level 74

[Post New]by lindaminnie21 on Mar 18, 17 12:04 AM
On my iPad I am at level 52. Slowly moving forward. On my laptop, I am at level 76! Hooray for me. I, like so many, were thrilled to find the update for the dragon. It arrived on Monday March 13th in Sacramento. I did not begin to play until about 7:30 pm. I only play a few hours each day. I finished the update tonight. Now I, like so many others, will wait for the next update.
I don't want to be a spoiler, however, this update requires many many many coins. There is a new island, all of the characters become well known fairy tale or literature characters. They are so cute. Not sure that was the goal of the programmers, but I like the cuteness a great deal. All of the new HOS are clever, and a little challenging. The zoom zones are just as cute.
I know someone who finished the update in less than 24 hours. She is a bit of a fanatic!! I will build up my coins and wait for the next update. Work hard programmers, we are waiting again!!!!!

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Re:Fairy Island update level 74

[Post New]by das100 on Mar 19, 17 2:35 AM
that is a plus for reaching the highest level...u can now work at collecting coins & inventory for when the next update arrives... give u kudos for playing this on more than one platform...it's tough enough for me to complete one ??

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Re:Fairy Island update level 74

[Post New]by dandydog on Mar 19, 17 9:23 AM
Fletcher Here, I just have to "POP" into the Forum for just a few to let the 'Dev"s" know How much I really Appreciate all of the Lovely Artwork that was put into this "Newest Update". As an dabbler myself in the Art Dept., (Grand-babies tend to Snicker a little at My efforts buts that's OK..) I love the use of all of all the colors and imagery Creatures that were used in the New, wonderful HOS scenes that come to life when we come into them! The entire Fairy Island is such a Wonderful place to visit so as soon as I can, I will gather all of "The Critter's" with the exception of "Worrywart Raven" and His sidekick "Grumpy Owl" who insist on staying on guard in Our "Dwelling Under the Moat" just in case "The Special Room Gang" (Their words not Mine) come calling again unannounced as they did last time. "Hummmpth! Mutters the Stodgy twosome. Believe Me Dear Special Room Friends, those two are in for a "Big" Scolding when we get back I can tell You!

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Re:Fairy Island update level 74

[Post New]by Shawkn on Mar 19, 17 9:45 AM
I can say from experience that das100 is right. I used the last gap between updates to store up inventory / coins / gems and it was worth it when the new content opened up. I agree it is short and requires a lot of , but I like having the stored up coins and a lot of the inventory on hand to keep going.

BTW - I lived in Sacramento and the surrounding Sacramento area for a VERY long time. How are you doing with the recent Oroville Dam scare? I remember when they built that thing and there was an uproar over it! Hope everything is fine.

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