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Storyline missing something.

[Post New]by bcrevers on Mar 19, 17 6:16 AM
So I am going to the underground part of the city and I come to the blacksmith. He has no head. So I want to know who decapitated him and why.

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Re:Storyline missing something.

[Post New]by napoeon on Mar 19, 17 6:22 AM
An Announcement Regarding the Blacksmith in Cloud City and the Arsenal HOS- March 15, 2017

Hi Everyone,

The Moderation Team greatly appreciates players taking the time to bring to our attention the display issue with the Blacksmith in Cloud City and the Arsenal hidden object scene with the dreamcatcher. We have passed this information along to the Midnight Castle teams for investigation. Please keep in mind that there hasn't been any information regarding the next update and what it may contain. We can assure the players that once any information surrounding any issues is brought to our attention, we will post in the forums so that all players are notified.

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