I am a Newbie to this game how do I Exit the Game

[Post New]by glitter2goldfish on Mar 20, 17 3:08 PM
I just started playing this game today and have no idea how to exit the game when I want to quit. I am just learning some features and find there is a lot to do and you can run out of lives and coins and boosts pretty quickly. I will continue to learn as I go if I decide to continue. I will never buy any thing online in order to play this game so it may end up getting deleted in the future when levels get more difficult to complete and progress without spending "real money." My biggest problem for now though is trying to exit the game. I had to crtl alt delete to task manager as I could not find an exit button or any instructions of how to quit the game. I appreciate any help in this regard. Thanks.

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Re:I am a Newbie to this game how do I Exit the Game

[Post New]by eli173 on Mar 20, 17 4:13 PM
The exit button is located on the very first screen that you see upon entering the game. It's the big red X to the top right.

When you are already in the game, go to the globe screen and press the button to the bottom left (it has three horizontal lines), then on the red X button to the bottom right, and this will take you back to the first screen.

It will be helpful for you to read the game's Tips and Tricks section, to be found under Helpful Links above.

The game can be played without spending any real money whatsoever, although many people agree that increasing the lives from 3 to 5 is worth the investment.

The game does not become progressively more difficult: Each city has some very difficult levels, and some cities are much more difficult than others which appear later in the game.

A lot of help can be found on this forum. Use the forum's Search feature (just type name of city and number of level as keywords) to find older posts. To post a new question on a specific level/city, go to the City Directory , located near the top of the forum and find the relevant thread.

Finally, please note that the PC version is way behind the mobile versions, with far fewer cities and features. You might want to take this into account since you are just starting.

Happy gaming!

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Re:I am a Newbie to this game how do I Exit the Game

[Post New]by bfgIlinalta on Mar 20, 17 4:24 PM
Hello glitter2goldfish,

Thanks for taking the time to write in the Gummy Drop! forum. It totally makes sense to ask how to quit the game from within the game rather than forcing it to close using Windows' commands. I can absolutely clarify how to do this today and provide a link to a FAQ about this game that may be helpful as you start to explore the game.

Thank you eli173 for providing help with closing the game out while playing on PC as well as those other helpful suggestions and hints about the game itself. As for learning more about the game, I agree that it may be helpful to take a look at the tips and tricks for this game linked below and found under our Helpful Links for Gummy Drop!, which should provide an overview of the game and its mechanics and features:

Gummy Drop! Tips and Tricks

For city specific help and to ask questions about particular levels, the following link has a repository for where to find specific city help threads:

Gummy Drop! City Directory - START HERE TO FIND LEVEL HELP

Thanks for your time and I hope this was helpful! If there are any further questions, please feel free to PM me or any of our other active Moderators. We are all happy to listen and help out as best we can.


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Re:I am a Newbie to this game how do I Exit the Game

[Post New]by glitter2goldfish on Mar 20, 17 5:18 PM
Thanks to eli173 and bfgllinalta for the immediate response. I will most definitely take a look at the Helpful Links for Gummy Drop and get more familiar with the game. It is great to know that I will not need to purchase anything with "real money" to progress through the game. I have a lot of patience so I can wait for lives to recharge when needed and with the right strategy in the game boards hopefully I can replenish my coins to get boosts as I go. I intend to have a lot of fun and a lot of game time for a very long time going forward with this game. Thanks again for the information. I am sure I will find it invaluable in the future.

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Re:I am a Newbie to this game how do I Exit the Game

[Post New]by snowmanvt on Mar 20, 17 7:24 PM
glitter: Welcome and I want to echo what Eli said. I am finishing up Dublin and have been playing for close to two years now. The only real money I have spent is to buy the two extra lives....if you find you like the game, it is a good investment. As you go along you will find strategies and tactics that work. I did find that the game gets much easier after you reach Amsterdam. A very helpful thread, besides the ones Eli mentioned above is called Senior Citizens Sign-in. You don't have to be a senior to participate and there are great tips and advise from very experienced players. Good luck.

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