Stuck in the basement

[Post New]by Caramelooo on Jul 22, 17 4:15 AM
We're stuck! There should be a HOS in the basement to get the rusty key but nothing happens. We can't do anything else, no clues, no actions available in the map. We don't want to delete the app and start over. What can we do? We're playing the PS4 version.


Re:Stuck in the basement

[Post New]by Caramelooo on Aug 12, 17 7:33 AM
I guess we'll delete the game…

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Re:Stuck in the basement

[Post New]by sazoria on Aug 12, 17 11:49 AM
I'm sorry you are currently unable to finish your game.
I would love to try and help but it is hard without knowing what you have done (and there fore have yet to do) in the game.
Perhaps you could post a list of any items in your inventory so that I can take a look and see if there is anything that you should and can do before the HOP appears, as often a specific HOP won't appear until you have completed certain actions.

I fit's a glitch, at least then we will know for sure.


Re:Stuck in the basement

[Post New]by Caramelooo on Sep 5, 17 11:05 AM
Thank you. I don't remember now if we deleted it it not. It sure will get back to you and try to post a picture or list of objects. We followed the guide in an attempt to continue but couldn't solve the problem.

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